how can I find a specific data in time table in matlab?

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I am trying to extract the freez-thaw cycles in a timetable.freezing of stone only occur when the temperature drops below3 °C in a day and thawing when temperature rises above 1 °C in next day. My quastion is that how can I define a function for it and then retime the time table based on it.
I need to find the days with mean temperature below3 °C, followed by a day with mean temperature above 1 °C.(meteorological data file in attachment.)

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Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 17 Oct 2019
Edited: Andrei Bobrov on 18 Oct 2019
i = diff(3*(data_mean_daily.tabrizmat7 < -3) + (data_mean_daily.tabrizmat7 > 1)) == -2;
T_out = data_mean_daily([i;false]|[false;i],:);
as at Sebastian:
i = (data_mean_daily.tabrizmat7(1:end-1) < -3) & (data_mean_daily.tabrizmat7(2:end) > 1);
T_out = data_mean_daily(find(i(:)')+[0;1],:);
Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 18 Oct 2019
k = 3*(data_mean_daily.tabrizmat7 < -3) + (data_mean_daily.tabrizmat7 > 1);
k is the vector of days, if the element has a value of 3, then the temperature of this day is less than -3, if the value is 1, the temperature is more than +1. We are looking for a combination in our case [3; 1] or diff([3;1]).

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Sebastian Bomberg
Sebastian Bomberg on 17 Oct 2019
You can offset temperature by one day and compare against >= 4.
idx = data_mean_daily.tabrizmat7(1:end-1) >= 2 & ... % temp at current day greater 2 AND
data_mean_daily.tabrizmat7(2:end) >= 4; % temp at next day greate 4
idx has one row less than data_mean_daily but the missing last row will be treated as false anyway.





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