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Calculating anomalies to create a map

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desert_scientist90 el 25 de Oct. de 2019
Respondida: Gurumoorthi K el 16 de Jun. de 2023
Hi all,
I have the zscores for the years with high precipitation and low precipitation I am trying to calculate the difference in precipitation between high years and low years. For each grid. The data set is for precipitation with the dimensions of x=141, y=71 and t=38. After that I will try to display on the map the significance by using a student test of means. My code for the first part of is the following but it not working as my expectation. Rain file contains the raw data, out contain the z-scores and mean rain contain rain average.
Thanks for your help
for x=1:141
for y=1:71
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darova el 25 de Oct. de 2019
Can you show your result and the result you expect to see?
desert_scientist90 el 25 de Oct. de 2019
Hi I still debugging my code but it looks like this
I am getting multiple errors from idexing to indices on left are not compatible with right. I am execting to be able to display the difference between my high and low composite (already calculated on zm3) and display it at each data grid to make my map.
for yr=0:37

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Gurumoorthi K
Gurumoorthi K el 16 de Jun. de 2023
I hope you might have completed anomaly. Can you pleace share how to calculate SST anomaly from 1982-2022. I am using dridded netcdf file.


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