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Mixed integer optimization - help

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Itachi on 22 Sep 2012
Hi guys, in the Mixed integer optimization guide it says like: No custom creation function "CreateFcn". Does this mean we can't select any of the built-in functions and GA uses special functions or it means we can't select a user-made function?
And about the initial population range, can we use it in mixed integer optimization or not?
What about the population size, in the guide it says that GA uses the min(max(...),100), can we insert a value higher or lower than that?
Thanks in advance
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Accepted Answer

Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 24 Sep 2012
  1. You cannot choose a creation function when using ga integer optimization.
  2. You can select an initial population range.
  3. You can override the default population size.
In general, the documentation points out what you cannot do. If there is no mention of a restriction for an option, then you can override the default settings. For more details, please read the algorithm description.
Alan Weiss
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Itachi on 24 Sep 2012
Thank you so much.

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