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Generate rand of two specific numbers and not a range

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Sara AR
Sara AR on 30 Oct 2019
Commented: Sara AR on 30 Oct 2019
I have generated a matrix of an image and im trying to generate the rand function to pick between two specific numbers and not a range of numbers. So lets say I want the third row of the third column to be either 1 or 50, randomly picked. how exactly do i make that pixel be equal to random number equation that i made?


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Sai Bhargav Avula
Sai Bhargav Avula on 30 Oct 2019
Hi, One way for this is as below
val = [1,50];
r = randi([1, 2], 1); % Get a 1 or 2 randomly.
Value = val(r) ;
Replace with the random value
Img(3,3)= Value; % the example you mentioned
Hope this helps

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