Rigid transform and legacy workspace variable problem

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Is there a problem with Rigid Transform blocks in Matlab Simscape?
The problem I have noticed occurs when I reuse a rigid transform block. I typically copy a block and then replace a translation with a standard rotation within a rigid transform. The translation value is defined as a workspace variable and the new rotation is also a workspace variable. I chose to put the translation "method" to none as I no longer use the translation, only use rotation.
Once I delete the workspace variable for translation and update the model Simscape asks for the translation variable. It looks to me as it is still required (need to be defined) but not in use.
Anyone else experience the same or similar problems?
I guess I have to stop reusing rigid transforms ;)
Regads, Adam

Accepted Answer

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 16 Nov 2021
Some blocks in Simulink will evaluate parameters that are not active, and if they refer to undefined MATLAB variables they will issue an error. In a newer release, Simulink may ignore those parameters. If you are using a release where they are still evaluated, the best thing to do is set that parameter value back to the default. You can do this programmatically using set_param().
Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 17 Nov 2021
It is generally a good idea to pull in a new block. Even if MATLAB didn't evaluate those parameters, someone else who looks at the model might wonder why they are there and if they are required.

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