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Signal similarity analysis after cross correlation

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Sreeraj Arole
Sreeraj Arole el 8 de Nov. de 2019
Comentada: Sreeraj Arole el 11 de Nov. de 2019
I have a time series signal and using this as reference, from the main data set extracted possible matching sections using cross correlation technique.(xcorr ).Based on the threshold xcorr value used, it may contain some not-matching signals as well(slight difference).
I am looking for a way to further analyse the output and remove the not-matching signals. Any better way to do that ? Since I used cross correlation method(mathematical) would it be beneficial to use image analysis of the two signals ?
Reference picture attached.

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Daniel M
Daniel M el 8 de Nov. de 2019
Wouldn't it work just to set the threshold higher?
It depends on what you mean by matching. If you want the exact same signal, you could just take the residuals of reference signal and the candidate signal and check if the max(abs()) value is less than some tolerance level.
For example:
res = abs(refWave-candidateWave);
if max(res) > 10*eps
fprintf('These two waves do not match according to the criteria.\n')
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Daniel M
Daniel M el 10 de Nov. de 2019
Similar shape but not exact shape. Well whenever you determine your criteria, people can help you code it.
Sreeraj Arole
Sreeraj Arole el 11 de Nov. de 2019
Sorry, bit confusing isn't it !! So is my requirment :) ! ! Needed a bit more work around on the input data before the cross correlation. fiugred it out. Thanks for your inputs.

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