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How can I find the width of the peaks when presented with a digital signal-like plot?

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My problem requires the measurement of the extent of these peaks (attached .fig and .jpg plot files) with respect to the base of the peaks (not FWHM).
For example, the first peak between (X=) 20 and 40 is spread across 32-36 X values. Therefore, my results should be 4.
This requires automation as it fits into a bigger problem statement I am working on.
Thank you in advance.

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Daniel M
Daniel M el 11 de Nov. de 2019
Editada: Daniel M el 11 de Nov. de 2019
Use the pulsewidth function with the argument MidPercentReferenceLevel set to 0 or 1 (the lowest value). Here is an example:
x = 1:50;
y = zeros(size(x));
y(33:35) = 1;
width = round(pulsewidth(y,1,'MidPercentReferenceLevel',1,'Tolerance',0.1));
width =
Or, using your data:
H = openfig('Query.fig');
C = get(H,'Children');
x = C(4).XData;
y = C(4).YData;
width = round(pulsewidth(y,1,'MidPercentReferenceLevel',1,'Tolerance',0.1))
width =
4 5 6 5
Alternatively, if your data contains only ones and zeros:
start1 = strfind([0,y],[0 1]);
end1 = strfind([y,0],[1 0]);
width = end1-start1+2
width =
4 5 6 5

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