how work with Datastore from two or more file excel sheets

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I want to work with many Excel files, and I tried to work with the Data Store. The problem is that I need data from two excel sheets, with different amounts of columns, and that the ds file groups them into a single table. the fixed work of the leaves are the same, only the columns are different.
How should I write the Datastore code to read both sheets and create a single tall array for everything?
Thank you.
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Melody Lyu
Melody Lyu on 4 Feb 2020
Hi Juan,
which way did you end up using? I am having the same question too

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Jalaj Gambhir
Jalaj Gambhir on 15 Nov 2019
I don't think that is possible using Datastore, but one possible workaround could be:
path = 'Source';
files = dir(fullfile(path, '*.xlsx'));
result = table();
filecontent = readtable(fullfile(path, files(1).name));
filecontent2 = readtable(fullfile(path, files(2).name));
vars1 = [filecontent.Properties.VariableNames]
vars2 = [filecontent2.Properties.VariableNames]
R = {[vars1 vars2]}
result = array2table([table2array(filecontent) table2array(filecontent2)],'VariableNames',R{:});
Hope this helps!
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Juan Carlos Pozuelos Buezo
Thanks i will try.
another solution that i did, is make two data store, and join them after to use gather.

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