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Error installing matlab 2019b with a network license

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Good Morning,
I have MATLAB 2019B installed in my computer and working with a network license.
Now that I'm trying to install MATLAB 2018B using the same network.lic file I get the error from the image attached.
Could you provide some information about the error as well as the steps to solve it please.
Thanks in advance


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Accepted Answer

Miguel Flores
Miguel Flores on 29 Nov 2019
Thanks, that solved the problem


Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito on 30 Nov 2019
Sounds good. Would you mind accepting my answer?
Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito on 2 Dec 2019
You have just accepted your comment. Not an answer. Accept another one, please.

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Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito on 29 Nov 2019
Now that you have installed a network license manager and it is running as a service, you don't need to install another license manager for R2018b. Only one license manager can be running as Windows service and you can use R2018b with the license manager of R2019b. You just need to install MATLAB and toolboxes of R2018b without installing license manager. By putting the same network.lic from MATLAB_R2019b_INSTALL\licenses to MATLAB_R2018b_INSTALL\licenses, I think you can launch it.


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