Getting a for loop to save a plot every step

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HC98 el 2 de Dic. de 2019
Respondida: Star Strider el 2 de Dic. de 2019
Good evening,
I'll keep this brief but I'm looking to see how I can write a for loop which takes a range of constants, applies them to an equation and plots the output after ach step. Is there a way to do this without manually defining a new equation and using hold on?

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Star Strider
Star Strider el 2 de Dic. de 2019
Use the same equation and pass the different parameters as extra parameters in a loop. See the documentation secton on Passing Extra Parameters to understand how to do this. Then use one or more loops to select the parameters at each iteration. How you choose to plot them — in a single axis using hold or as subplots (or using the stackedplot function) — is your choice.
A very efficient way to do this is to use the ndgrid or meshgrid function to create matrices of the parameters, then reshape them to column vectors (using reshape or the (:) subscript convention). That way, you can use one loop to use all combinations of your parameters.


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