Iteration cycle of a code

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Hi !!! Have a nice day.
I have a code that starts with the generation of a matrix A,
after a numerical process at the end I have a matrix B
A = [a, b, c,… ..
q, w, r,….];
B = [d, e, f,….
and, u, I, ...];
At the end of the numerical process I have matrix B, immediately
the values of B are assigned to A in this way
A = B
What instruction I need to do to generate this cycle N times, that this; the results of B introduce them to input A?
I hope you understand what I want to do
Thank you
Ricardo Gutierrez
Ricardo Gutierrez on 5 Dec 2019
You are right.
I should check my code.
Thank you very much for your patience and your help.

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Accepted Answer

meghannmarie on 5 Dec 2019
Can you show your code? Make sure you are initally setting A before the for loop. If I am understanding the problem, it should look something like this:
A = [a,b,c;q,w,r];
for n = 1:5
% instructions
% instructions
% instructions
B = [d,e,f;l,m,n]
A = B;
Ricardo Gutierrez
Ricardo Gutierrez on 5 Dec 2019
Thank you very much.
You are right there must be some error in my code.
Thank you for your patience and attention.

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