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imshow Unrecognized function or variable 'imshow'.

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Malin Isaksson
Malin Isaksson el 19 de Dic. de 2019
Respondida: Pravin Jagtap el 23 de Dic. de 2019
I accidentially named a file 'imshow.m' which overwrote the 'imshow' function in matlab, image processing toolbox.
I then deleted my file named 'imshow.m' and re-install the image processing toolbox (twice).
Cleared the history in malab and tried this:
rehash toolboxcache
but nothing works.
I still get the 'Unrecognized function or variable 'imshow'.
And I also get this:
which -all imshow
'imshow' not found.
What can I do to fix this?

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Pravin Jagtap
Pravin Jagtap el 23 de Dic. de 2019
Hello Malin,
‘imshow’ is part of base MATLAB which is present in the following directory:
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2020a\toolbox\matlab\images\imshow.m
‘imshow’ is shipped under the base MATLAB product and not with the ‘Image Processing Toolbox’. Therefore adding ‘Image Processing Toolbox’ will not help. Try re-installing the base Matlab product. It may help resolving the issue.

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