Matrix multiplication between 2d matrix and slice of 3d array

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I have two matrices A (3,3,x) and B (3,3) where x is a variable, known value and typically on the order of thousands. I need to compute the matrix multiplication of these two, I know this can be done by
function [ out ] = mat_mult( A,B )
[~,~,np] = size(A);
out = zeros(size(A));
for i=1:np
out(:,:,i) = A(:,:,i)*B;
but I figure there is a more efficient way to do this than for loops, especially for MATLAB. Unforunately, I am not quite sure how to vectorize this.

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Athul Prakash
Athul Prakash on 1 Jan 2020
Hey Morten,
You can check out 'MULTIPROD' - from File Exchange (linked below). It covers your requirements exactly,
( Please note that tools available on File Exchange are provided by the community and not created by Mathworks. The Mathworks does not provide any guarantees for such tools.)

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