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Plot the orbit of a satellite

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Bora K
Bora K on 9 Jan 2020
Answered: Meysam Mahooti on 26 May 2021
Hello everyone,
I have this MATLAB function satellit(t,x,model) provides the system of differential equations for the orbit elements x = (a e i O w M) of a satellite in an Earth orbit.
I have to write a function to compute the orbit of a satellite. In this function the user should provide model initial position x(0) and flight time tf. Finally I have to plot the satellite orbit in cartesian coordinates. However I'm struggling to do it. Could anyone help me ?
function dx = satellit(t,x,model)
dx = zeros(6,1);
a = x(1); % semi-major axis [km]
e = x(2); % eccentricity
i = x(3); % inclination [rad]
O = x(4); % longitude of the ascending node [rad]
w = x(5); % argument of periapsis [rad]
M = x(6); % mean anomaly [rad]
GM = 398600.4418; % graviational parameter in km^3/s^2
R = 6378.1370; % radius at equator in km
J2 = 0.0010826267d0; % Earth's J2 (WGS-84)
J3 = -0.0000025327d0; % Earth's J3 (WGS-84)
J4 = -0.0000016196d0; % Earth's J4 (WGS-84)
ac = a*a*a;
n = sqrt(GM/ac);
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

Meg Noah
Meg Noah on 9 Jan 2020
Here you go. The attached scripts produce these plots for the International Space Station. You can supply your own TLE for the satellite of interest. This does not include atmospheric drag or solar impacts. Would you like that as well - the special perturbations applied over time? Or did you just need the basic Kepler COE -> Cartesian transformations?
Anirudh Chhabra
Anirudh Chhabra on 28 Jan 2021
Hi. Can someone point me in the direction as to how to shift the orbit to a different center. For example, here it is around (0,0,0). But I want it in a different location, let's say (1,1,1). How can I do that?

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Meysam Mahooti
Meysam Mahooti on 26 May 2021

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