matlab says initializing when I start it

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an empty matlab says initializing when I start it.
It remains with that message.
What can cause that? A license issue.
I don't need the fix for it, just the potential causes of it.

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Soham Chakraborty
Soham Chakraborty on 13 Jan 2020
If the loading status states 'Initializing' or 'Busy' for a long time, it could be because of the below reasons:
1. Due to licensing issue
2. Due to Non-licensing issue
Licensing issue:
On your windows machine, attempt to start MATLAB using the “-c” startup flag through the command prompt/terminal window. Syntax :
"$MATLAB\bin\win64\MATLAB.exe" -c <full_path_to_license_file or port@host>
If this resolves the issue, then a licensing problem is the root cause.
Non-licensing issue:
1. Often a corrupt preferences directory can prevent MATLAB from starting correctly. Please attempt to recreate the MATLAB preferences directory using the following link:
2. Any anti-virus application working in the background, could slow down MATLAB. Please try disabling the “active scan’ option for MATLAB directories.
3. Such issues may also arise saving a file with invalid filename ( < ,> ,” , |, : )
4. MATLAB might be attempting to access files from a sluggish network
5. Source control Integration may affect startup performance
a. In the MATLAB toolstrip, go to ‘Home’ -> ‘Environment’ -> ‘Preference’
b. Select ‘MATLAB -> General -> Source Control’
c. Select “None” and apply the changes.
6. Preference settings in MATLAB may negatively affect startup performance.
a. In the MATLAB toolstrip, go to ‘Home’ -> ‘Environment’ -> ‘Preference’
b. Select ‘MATLAB -> General”
c. Enable the “Enable toolbox path cache” option and apply changes.

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