can't install MATLAB drive connector

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Nikhil Kumar
Nikhil Kumar on 10 Jan 2020
Answered: Soham Chakraborty on 13 Jan 2020
i could not install MATLAB drive connector. Actually it starts installing but it is never completed , it always shows instaliing MATLAB drive connector but never installs.

Answers (1)

Soham Chakraborty
Soham Chakraborty on 13 Jan 2020
You could check the log file generated, The installation log files should be generated in the same directory as where your MATLAB installation log files are generated in. The log file name will be mlctr_%username%.log.
Follow these steps to retrieve the Drive Connector installer log file on a Mac:
1. Log in as the user who ran the installer.
2. Open a Terminal window (you can use Spotlight Search to find Terminal)
3. Copy and paste the following command, and press enter to run it in Terminal.
cp $TMPDIR/mlctr_$USER.log ~/Desktop
Check your user account, if it contains Non-Ascii characters or spaces. Installing under a user account that does not contain the Non-Ascii characters or spaces is recommended.

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