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How can i put this below lines of code in a for loop?

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Ibrahim Ullah
Ibrahim Ullah on 11 Jan 2020
Commented: Ibrahim Ullah on 12 Jan 2020
I = imread('img70.tif');
GLCM2 = graycomatrix(I);
stats = GLCM_Features4(GLCM2,0);
writetable( struct2table( stats ), 'single70.xlsx','Range','A1' );
type 'single70.xlsx';
I have thousands of images to take value of and put them into a single matrix, what i want to do here i want to put this code inside a for loop so that i don't have to run this code manually for each single xlcx file. Any kind of help will be highly appreciated.

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Meg Noah
Meg Noah on 12 Jan 2020
Edited: Meg Noah on 12 Jan 2020
Here's how to do it for png, because that is all I have. Change extension to tif.
% Edit this to be your toplevel directory
myDir = '';
% Edit this for the extension of image type ...
fileList = dir(fullfile(myDir,'*.png'));
myTable = table();
for ifile = 1:length(fileList)
I = imread(fullfile(myDir,fileList(ifile).name));
I = squeeze(I(:,:,1)); % my data are 3-color - edit preprocessing as needed
GLCM2 = graycomatrix(I);
stats = GLCM_Features4(GLCM2,0);
% Note: you can add more stuff about your file here like image size, etc.
stats.filename = {fileList(ifile).name};
% Append information about this image to the growing table
myTable = vertcat(myTable,struct2table( stats ));
% i like the filename to be first in the table
myTable = myTable(:,[end 1:(end-1)]);
% save your totally awesome results 'cause you rock and never stop!
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Ibrahim Ullah
Ibrahim Ullah on 12 Jan 2020
Thanks a lot, though the images did not maintain order but it worked , you saved my tons of time.

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