How do we sort one column of an alpha-numeric table and make the other columns to adjust accordingly?

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INTRO: I import an alpha-numeric table A with the commands below:
fid = fopen('TEST_SORT.txt');
A= textscan(fid,'%f %f %s');
9 5 G
1 4 B
4 3 E
2 2 D
6 1 C
3 0 I
0 9 A
7 8 H
5 7 F
8 6 J
GOAL: (1) I want to sort the rows of column 1 ascending and wish that the rows of column 2 and 3 adjust according to the sorted column 1;
(2) I want to sort the rows of the alpha-numeric column 3 and wish that the columns 1 and 2 adjust according to the sorted column 3.
PROBLEM: If I write
I obtain the following error:
Error using sort
DIM and MODE arguments not supported for cell arrays.
I read the documentation of sorting but it was not clear how the instructions apply to this specific situation.
I wonder if someone could help me to fix this problem.
Thank you in advance for your attention

Accepted Answer

Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 5 Oct 2012
Edited: Matt Fig on 5 Oct 2012
When I import as you explain, I get this:
A =
[10x1 double] [10x1 double] {10x1 cell}
So if your A does not look like that, you have to tell us what it does look like.
Question 1:
[A1s,I] = sort(A{1});
B = {A1s,A{2}(I),A{3}(I)}
Now look:
[num2str(A{1}) num2str(A{2}) char(A{3})]
[num2str(B{1}) num2str(B{2}) char(B{3})]
Question 2:
[A3s,I] = sort(A{3});
B = {A{1}(I),A{2}(I),A3s}
Now look:
[num2str(A{1}) num2str(A{2}) char(A{3})]
[num2str(B{1}) num2str(B{2}) char(B{3})]

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Thomas on 5 Oct 2012
I guess this is what you need
a={9 5 'G'
1 4 'B'
4 3 'E'
2 2 'D'
6 1 'C'
3 0 'I'
0 9 'A'
7 8 'H'
5 7 'F'
8 6 'J'}
%to sort according to column 1
%to sort according to column 3
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Emerson De Souza
Emerson De Souza on 5 Oct 2012
Hi Tom, thanks for your attention.
If I write the matrix per hand as you have done above using ' ' for the third column, then you're right and it does what I wanted. However, when I IMPORT the alpha-numeric file the third column does not contain ' ' before and after the letter.
And if I run your commands, I obtain:
Error using sortrows>sort_cell_back_to_front (line 131)
Some cells in X contain non-scalar values and cannot be sorted.
Error in sortrows (line 89)
ndx = sort_cell_back_to_front(x_sub, col);
If you copy,paste and save the table as I wrote above (without ' ' around the text) into a text-file, then import as above and run your lines you will see what is going on.
I hope you know a way to correct commands to enable working with imported files.
Thank you again for your help Emerson

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