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MATLAB Web Apps Server installation on debian server without GUI

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Manuel Brütsch
Manuel Brütsch el 13 de En. de 2020
Respondida: Jason Ross el 13 de En. de 2020
Hi everyone,
In our team we want to share some MATLAB web applications. At the moment the server runs on my PC wich is very unfortunate in case it is not running.
We also have a debian based server. Unfortunately without GUI. Is there a way, we can share our webapps through this server? Therefore. it has to be possible to install matlab and the web apps server on a maschine only in console. And I have absolutely no idea how to do that.
Thanks and best regards!

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross el 13 de En. de 2020
There are a few approaches to this, depending on what the server has installed/configured on it for remote access.
  • You can use a tool like VNC server to start a VNC session on the Debian machine, connect via a VNC client, and run the installer (graphically) there. This assumes that VNC or another tool like it is installed there.
  • You can use X Windows forwarding to forward the graphical installation to another machine. You will need to have something set up to run X Windows on the client machine, and set up X Window forwarding (usually ssh -X does it). This assumes that X is installed and running, and that you have a client program set up that will "recieve" the X windows.
  • You can use the slient installer and answer file to install MATLAB unattended. See the documentation here
The first two are pretty much the same as running the regular install, with the couple extra steps of setting up X or VNC (or some other VNC-like tool). The third is more complex as you need to get the answer file correct, but it does run without graphics.


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