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add-on maintenance problem

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muhammed sezer
muhammed sezer el 14 de En. de 2020
Respondida: Jay Vaidya el 4 de Sept. de 2020
1-2 weeks ago there was no poblem, I could use add-on explorer. But now i get this error when i try to open add-on explorer. What is problem?
im using education license.Adsız.png
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Andrew Janke
Andrew Janke el 31 de En. de 2020
Something's wrong with your license, or your account's linkage to that license. Contact your school's Matlab administrator; your IT department should know who that is.

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Jay Vaidya
Jay Vaidya el 4 de Sept. de 2020
Please try to run the following in the MATLAB Command Window:
>> opengl software
And then try opening the Add on explorer again. It worked for me.
If that works, you can save the preference so that MATLAB always opens with Software OpenGL by running:
>> opengl('save','software')


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