Test Real-Time Application Error when build

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I am running Matlab 2019b with a Speedgoat baseline real time target machine.
I am trying to follow the simulink real time - simulink test example here:
When I get to step 9 I recieve this error:
Error due to multiple causes. Error while generating code for chart Test Assessment Block. Error occurred in 'ex_slrt_slt_osc_Harness1/Test Assessment Block'.
What does this mean and how can i overcome it?

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Mohan Feng
Mohan Feng on 21 Jan 2020
The error details should be shown in Diagnostic Viewer. Is the error related to block input/output size, dimenstion or non-scalar? If so, can you inspect the data defined in the Test Assessment block ("Int1" and "SigGen"). The size of both "Int1" and "SigGen" should be 1 instead of 2, since Demux is used. Can you change the size of the data defined to 1 and try again?
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Luke Wheadon
Luke Wheadon on 27 Jan 2020
Thank you for your response, Changing the size of "Int1" and "SigGen" to 1 fixed the issue.

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