Econometrics Toolbox not in Products list for Campus-Wide License installer run

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I administer MATLAB installations in the Physics department of a Canadian university. We have (what I thought was) a comprehensive Campus-Wide License at this university which makes this task easy, and I've never been tripped up by it until now. Today a graduate student asked for a toolbox that does not appear in the installer's Product list, the Econometrics Toolbox, to be installed on his workstation. The implication is that not all products are actually covered by our license. I've checked and the toolbox is not restricted to e.g, "Windows only", that Campus-Wide licensing covers Business Schools (this toolbox would be useful in a Business School), etc. The toolbox's dependencies are already installed; in this case, the Optimization toolbox and Stats and Machine Learning toolbox. The only apparent way to obtain this unlisted toolbox is through a trial download. Given that I thought a Campus-Wide license was comprehensive, this would seem to be unnecessasary.
Context: linux. Product: R2019a. Toolbox: Econometrics

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Priyanshu Mishra
Priyanshu Mishra on 28 Jan 2020
Contact your sales representative to get detailed understanding about your license terms. If you don't know who your sales representative is, MathWorks support can help you find your sales representative:

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