Equivalent command of "-M" at MCC in CODER GUI

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Ohad Ross
Ohad Ross on 16 Jan 2020
Answered: Ryan Livingston on 22 Jan 2020
I want to add a Product Version to a DLL I compile with Matlab Coder (I am using the GUI coder under matlab apps).
In the past, i've done that using "mcc ... -M FILENAME.res" command, not the GUI coder.
how can I do the same matlab coder gui?

Answers (2)

Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 22 Jan 2020
There's no built-in way to pass a resource file to MATLAB Coder. You may be able to achieve this by adding the resource file as a linker argument using the addLinkFlags method of coder.updateBuildInfo:
Or by adding a PostCodegenCommand that calls addLinkFlags on the buildInfo argument:
Caveat: I've not personally used these approaches so I can't guarantee that they will work.

Dhananjay Kumar
Dhananjay Kumar on 22 Jan 2020
The purposes of mcc command and MATLAB Coder are little different .
I think you are looking for deploytool or Application Compiler .


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