How to control a unipolar stepper motor ?

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Jérémy Perichon
Jérémy Perichon on 22 Jan 2020
Answered: Priyanshu Mishra on 29 Jan 2020
I am a french high school student (I do my best not to make language mistakes :) )
For my last year of high school, I have to product something called "project" and I have to use MATLAB for this... but I never did it before so it is quite difficult for me...
I have to create with 3 classmates an aquarium that distributes food (it will be a part of our exam score so it is important), and I am responsable of a stepper motor, which is linked with a cylindrical plastic part (that I drew on SolidWorks). I have to model this engine, more particularly the stepper motor, on Matlab as I said. So I did it, no problem with that, but when I start the simulation, I get absurd values, something like a speed which is 10^-15... My model is valid (almost I think), but I learnt that I have to "control the motor", I don't know how to do it... I found the block "unipolar stepper motor controller" but I don't know how to use it...
Ideally, my motor should do a quarter turn, then stop 1sec, then a half turn, then stop 1sec, then a quarter of turn (back to original position), but I don't succeed in doing it, and the end of the project is near...
If someone could help me, I would be very grateful to him,
If you want me to put my model here, don't hesitate.

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Priyanshu Mishra
Priyanshu Mishra on 29 Jan 2020
Hi Jérémy,
Following are the requirements for the stepper motor control using MATLAB:
  • Arduino Due
  • Motor party Add on pack for Arduino
  • Dc battery pack
  • USB cable
For controlling motor I would suggest you use Adafruit Motor Shield V2. Adafruit Motor Shield V2 is an add-on shield that you can plug into Arduino. You can create a motorshieldv2 object using the add-on shield specified above and connect a stepper motor to the appropriate pins on the motor shield.
For more informationn on stepper motor control, you can refer to the following link.




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