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I have acquired some y axis values in display in the simulink. I want to automatedly find the coresponding x value in the graph. is the any such block available for the same or any method to do so?

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Sir i am not able to send you the .Slx file i have used. Is there any other way i can send it to you. I have attached image of the simulink file created by me herewith.
What i have did is :
  1. filtered the raw signal from signal builder using a filter
  2. used the min max block to find values and displayed required values(10%,75%,99%....), calculated components manualy {(75%-10%)rise time, (99%-10%)settling time...}
  3. Calculating ripple in the graph using absolute value and
What i want:
  1. To automate importing excel files to Matlab
  2. to find required components by making calculations on each pulse in the filtered signal by using Matlab
  3. to save the calculated components in another excel sheet through Matlab

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Priyanshu Mishra
Priyanshu Mishra on 31 Jan 2020
Hi Shantanu,
Since I do not have access to your model, what I understood from your question is that you want to find the index value of non zero y values. There is find block in simulink which will give you linear index of each non zero element.
For information you may refer to following example as well



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