How can I plot Nakagami-m fading channel?

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Mofadal Alymani
Mofadal Alymani on 24 Jan 2020
Edited: ALPER ATES on 7 May 2022
How can I plot Nakagami-m fading channel? How to do simulation like Rician and Rayleigh fading channel? Does anyone have a code?

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Muntaseer Rahman
Muntaseer Rahman on 4 Mar 2020
I also really need the code to simulate the nakagami channel. Can anyone please help?
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Fernando Moya
Fernando Moya on 30 Mar 2020
Hi Muntaseer, were you able to find the way to simulate Nakagami channel? I need the same

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Priyanshu Mishra
Priyanshu Mishra on 27 Jan 2020
Hi Mofadal,
For Nakagami-m fading channel I would like you to go through the file exchange provided by the Jamal Ahmad
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Mofadal Alymani
Mofadal Alymani on 27 Jan 2020
This is not an answer for my qustion. I know how to do a PDF of Nakagami distribution. I saw this link before.
I need a code or a function like "comm.RicianChannel", so I can do a sumilation of Nakagami channel.
Thanks for your comment.

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Ali Raza
Ali Raza on 23 Nov 2021
Hope this reply finds you well. Please see the following link for the generating the different distributions i.e., Nakagami-m, Rayleigh, Rice, etc.
You can use the following code line to draw Nakagami distibution with shape parameter of m and n random numbers;
h=randraw('nakagami', 1, [1,n]); %m=1 case of Rayleigh
ALPER ATES on 7 May 2022
Could you please tell me how can i get the Rayleigh case by using Nakagami distribution following code 'h=randraw('nakagami', 1, [1,n]); %m=1 case of Rayleigh'.
I know , when m=1; case of Rayleigh but what about scale parameters n ( in other words omega) ?.
Which n value do I need to choose as the scale parameter to obtain Rayleigh case by using following nakagami -m distribution matlab code 'h=randraw('nakagami', 1, [1,n]); %m=1 case of Rayleigh',

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