Rectification technique so overlap one image on other

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Kindly help me out with this issue. I took wheel images captured from stereo camera. My wheel images are at 2 degree (2d) tilted. How I have applied rectification code so that I need an output where the points of both the images map that is matchedpoints takes place and form a new single image.
Though we are taking from 2 cameras, the object is the same, so we need a single image after rectification. Once I get the rectification I need DEPTH map to apply HOUGH Transform to get circle points to form a plane and find angle.
This is my code:
I1=imresize(imread('U3TL0001_023_2d.jpg'),[580 630]);
I2=imresize(imread('U3TL0002_023_2d.jpg'),[580 630]);
load yellowstone_inlier_points;
showMatchedFeatures(I1, I2,inlier_points1,inlier_points2,'montage');
title('Original images and matching feature points');
f = estimateFundamentalMatrix(inlier_points1,inlier_points2,...
[t1, t2] = estimateUncalibratedRectification(f,inlier_points1,...
[I1Rect,I2Rect] = rectifyStereoImages(I1,I2,t1,t2);

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