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Brandon See
Brandon See on 7 Feb 2020
Answered: Brandon See on 8 Feb 2020
Recently, I joined a course called machine learning which include a matlab license for a 3 months.However, as soon as i clicked on the 'access now' now. It shows a loading screen and stucked there forever. Can anyone help me?

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Karthi Ramachandran
Karthi Ramachandran on 7 Feb 2020
Hi, I believe you talk about prof Andrews course. Have you created a mathworks account? Pls enter the credentials and try accesing it should work and hope you have read the following
"Access the MATLAB Online Trial and the Exercise Files " from week 2. Please note that the assignments are sepearate .zip file than the general ones.

Brandon See
Brandon See on 8 Feb 2020
Thanks btw , it is fixed now


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