How do I generate a variable in work space for the sample time which Simulink uses for simulation to be used in a code?

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Tejas Rivonkar
Tejas Rivonkar on 11 Feb 2020
Commented: Tejas Rivonkar on 25 Feb 2020
format short
%tout: a vector of number. The below removes numbers that are not multiple of 0.00005
tol = 1e-14; %abritrary tolerance below which numbers are considered equal
tout(abs(mod(tout, 0.00005)) > tol) = [];
tout = unique(tout);
NS1 = size(tout); % to find the number of samples
FileName = input('Please enter a file name:', 's');
FN_cfg = [FileName,'.cfg'];
FN_dat = [FileName,'.dat'];
Data =[transpose((1:1:NS2)) tout M];
i want to get the sample time which simulink use in
tout(abs(mod(tout, 0.00005)) > tol) = [];
in place of 0.00005 so that it will become user defined and not hard coded value.
can anyone help me with this?

Answers (1)

Shivaprasad Narayan
Shivaprasad Narayan on 14 Feb 2020
It is my understanding that you are trying to find the number of samples based on the Solver sampling time of the Simulink model. You would like to get this sample time from what is set in the model, rather than fixing it to particular value.
What you can do is:
1. Get the sample time of model using the function "get_param". This returns a character array.
2. Convert it to a numeric value and use it in the code.
Your code might look similar to the below piece of code:
SampleTime = str2num(get_param(<Model Name>,'FixedStep')); % Get solver sample time and convert it to number
Use the variable "SampleTime" in place of 0.00005.
Hope this helps!
Tejas Rivonkar
Tejas Rivonkar on 25 Feb 2020
but sir i don't want to change the model name each time i run the code for different models. is there a way that the model name will be selected directly when required?

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