Co-Active (CANFIS)

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Muhammad Ikhwan Haqiem Mazlan
Commented: kulsum on 29 Nov 2022
Hey, Im Ikhwan Haqiem study at University Technical Malaysia Melaka,
Now I am conducting a project about “The Prediction Multiple Output of Polishing Parameter by using Co-active ANFIS (CANFIS)”. My main objective of the project to develop a CANFIS model to predict multiple output for polishing parameter by using MATLAB. In order to develop the CANFIS model do I need to make any coding on it? Any if it required, what kind software I used to make the coding?
Thank your
kulsum on 29 Nov 2022
Hello @Muhammad Ikhwan Haqiem MazlanI, @Alireza Babaei, and @fariba khodabakhshi how about your project using canfis? can you share abaut the canfis? i have project using canfis to, thanks

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Asvin Kumar
Asvin Kumar on 10 Feb 2021
Here's a community contribution from the File Exchange that might be of use to you:


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