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zheng on 27 Jan 2011
I am learning the subclust function now, but can not understand what does data space mean. for exmaple, the help said:" if the data dimension is two (X has two columns), radii=0.5 specifies that the range of influence in the data dimension is half the width of the data space."
what is data space of the below data X which has two column x and y:
607803.792227518 4821267.48343619
608550.373931060 4820577.75184122
607932.431214948 4821148.12824509

Accepted Answer

Andrew Newell
Andrew Newell on 27 Jan 2011
The data space is a box determined by the upper and lower bounds in each dimension. In your example, it is defined by
607803.792227518 <= X(1) <= 608550.373931060
4820577.75184122 <= X(2) <= 4821267.48343619
If you have a scalar for radii, the range of influence is half the width of the box in each direction.

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