Can't find fmincon optimizer in R2019b

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I have recently installed MATLAB R2019b licensed version in my computer. While on checking ver- option I can find optimization toolbox v8.4 is installed in my system. However, I can't find either fmincon nor optimoptions in my installed version. I can find fminsearch though.. Is it not included in the recent version/if I can get code from elsewhere? Kindly help.

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Urmila Rajpurohith
Urmila Rajpurohith on 3 Mar 2020
“fmincon” and “optimoptions” these two functions are there in 2019b. Try to find whether these files are present in your installed location(C:\ProgramFiles\MATLAB\R2019b\toolbox\optim). If not reinstalling the toolbox might solve the issue.

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