Plotting multiple graphs in one figure

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Hello, I am new to matlab and have written a code to create a custom fit for data. I am hoping to plot multiple data sets with this fit in one figure. Currently, this code runs but it creates an individual plot for each data set, which is not what I want. Also, I am having difficulty with the legend formatting. I want to make each line a different color and label as y1,y2,y3... but what I have been currently doing is not working. Thank you.
%% create figure for each data set
w={}; %to collect coefficient values
hold all
for i=1:1:u %where u is the final column of y values
[xData, yData] = prepareCurveData( X, y );
ft = fittype( 'a*exp(-b*x)', 'independent', 'x', 'dependent', 'y' );
opts = fitoptions( 'Method', 'NonlinearLeastSquares' );
opts.Display = 'Off';
opts.StartPoint = [0.893783889527977 0.298767974365371];
% Plot fit with data.
figure( 'Name', ['y',sprintf('%d',i)] );
% Fit model to data.
[fitresult{i}, gof(i)] = fit( xData, yData, ft, opts );
hold all % from here downwards is where I find difficulty plotting correctly
for j=1:1:u
h = plot( fitresult{i}, xData, yData);
v =coeffvalues(fitresult{i});
w =[w v];
hold off
% Label axes
xlabel X
ylabel y_i
grid on
hold off
amy gravenstein
amy gravenstein on 2 Mar 2020
I start with a 4 by 14 matrix. X is the first column of the matrix. Y is the remaining 4 by 13 matrix. u is the number of columns in Y which is 13. w and v are used to gather the coefficient values. If there is anything more you need please let me know. Thanks!

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Accepted Answer

Jalaj Gambhir
Jalaj Gambhir on 2 Mar 2020
The problem is specifying creation of a figure inside the outer for loop. You can declare it outside, specifying a uniform title (because you want a single figure), and removing the first 'hold off' command (just outside the inner for loop)
Hope this helps!

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