Simulink Fuel Cell Stack - Hydrogen & Oxygen Utilization

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Matthew Holt
Matthew Holt on 26 Feb 2020
Answered: Joel Van Sickel on 17 Aug 2021
Within the Simscape Fuel Cell Stack Block, in the subsystem Uf calculator, 2 functions are used are labeled H2 Utilization Fuel Flowrate and O2 Utilization Air Flowrate.
These then connect to switches to determine whether to use the nominal utilization value for H2 and O2 respectively. However the output value of these functions is not a utilization value ie) % or decimal, but seem to be more inline with flowrate values.
Why is it that a switch is then used to determin if the nominal utilization value is used over the function output?

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 17 Aug 2021
Hello Matthew,
this is a case where the model behaves differently depending on certain choices made in the mask of the component, so you are essentially looking at multiple versions of a model, as in once place. This can make it a bit more confusing to understand what the model is doing but makes the model more useful for different parameterizations and use cases. The values from these blocks are not utilization, but flow rates.

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