Matlab R2019b no window manager on Ubuntu 18.04

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Recently when I start matlab the application has no window manager i.e. no top bar, minimize/maximize buttons etc. Even the keyboard shortcuts for these actions have no effect. This behaviour started recently and I am not sure why or how to find the root cause. Does anyone have any hints?
Thanks in advance.

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Ulrich Knechtelsdorfer
Ulrich Knechtelsdorfer on 3 Sep 2021
This issue occures sometimes on my setup too. Additionally MATLAB starts in "full screen" but without all the window decorations.
Following workaround works for me:
1.Close MATLAB ~/.matlab/R2020b/MATLABDesktop.xml
delete the entry
<Location External="yes" Height="1237" Type="floating" Width="1920" X="1920" Y="-37"/>
3.Start MATLAB again
Also, just deleting ~/.matlab/R2020b/MATLABDesktop.xml works but kills your MATLAB workspace configuration.

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Anurag Agrawal
Anurag Agrawal on 31 Mar 2020
Try these workarounds
1. Refresh the file system caches using the following commands:
>> restoredefaultpath
>> rehash toolboxcacheno
2. Kill the process. Then right-click on the icon and use Run as Administrator and see if you get anywhere. If it works, then you should not need to Run as Administrator in the future, just the once.
3. Also make sure you have installed it properly.
If this doesn't solve your issue, you can create a service request here:

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