Saving structure data type in Simulink

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Nishant Kumar
Nishant Kumar on 29 Mar 2020
Answered: Dhananjay Kumar on 31 Mar 2020
I have a MATLAB Function block from which I need to save 10 variables to a file. Every variable has different size. I thought of taking advantage of structure data types. But not been able to save the structure with help of 'To File' block. Moreover, 'save()' function also can't be used in the matlab function block.
Is there any other way I can do that.
Or any way to store all 10 variables in same .mat file.
Nishant Kumar
Nishant Kumar on 31 Mar 2020
Any method would do but I would like to overwrite it.

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Answers (1)

Dhananjay Kumar
Dhananjay Kumar on 31 Mar 2020
Try one of these:
2) Export Workspace Variables through model explorer
3) assignin function
4) evalin function


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