How do I get MIDI control of a VST plugin?

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It's easy on audioworkbench using "Synchronize to MIDI conrols" tab.
(It's working as wrapper to VST)
But I don't know how do I directly in VST/exe.
"configureMIDI" is not supported in code generation.
I want to control plugin parameter values using MIDI controller.
I know the function like this will set on DAW normally, but I want to do on stand alone exe file. (R2020a can generate exe file from audio plugin)
Is it possible?

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Charlie DeVane
Charlie DeVane on 24 Apr 2020
Hi Hiroshi,
Sorry, but this is not supported by the standalone executable.
Hope this helps,
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Hiroshi Iwamura
Hiroshi Iwamura on 27 Apr 2020
Thank you for your reply.
I am looking forward to the implementation of MIDI functionality (and dialog, webread for user authentication) if possible, because the standalone executable is a great new feature!
If it's realized, I don't need any other programming language. -)

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