Error using genfis function in Grid Partitioning

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Hello guys,
I am trying to conduct a Time Series Prediction using ANFIS.
When I use the genfis function, I get the following error when I work with both Grid Partitioning and Substractive Clustering FIS:
Error using genfis>validateXin (line 90)
Expected Xin to be finite.
Error in genfis (line 49)
My input is formed by 8 variables with 52584 observations each. I have read that this error may be caused by lack of memory in the computer.
I would highly appreciate it if anyone knew if the problem may be caused by something else, or how could I solve it. I am learning to use Fuzzy Logic in Matlab and I would be grateful for any help.
I have the Fuzzy Logic Designer and Neuro-Fuzzy Designer Toolboxes.
Many thanks,

Accepted Answer

Dhananjay Kumar
Dhananjay Kumar on 31 Mar 2020
Check with this function to check if the issue is related to the data: mustBeFinite

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