imnoise(I,'salt & pepper',rho) but with different proportion of salt and paper

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Alex Dytso
Alex Dytso on 29 Mar 2020
Answered: Anurag Agrawal on 1 Apr 2020
imnoise(I,'salt & pepper',rho) adds sal and paper noise to the image I so that rho percent of pixels is corrupted. However, the salt and paper is added in equal proportion. Can this be done such that we can can control also the proportion of salt to paper?
I can build this code myself. However, I was thinking maybe there is aleardy an implementation like that available online.

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Anurag Agrawal
Anurag Agrawal on 1 Apr 2020
As of now, I can't find any direct implementation to do that. However, you can consider this file exchange submission :
I hope this will help you.

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