Uninstalling old version of Matlab

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Luke Megonigal
Luke Megonigal on 31 Mar 2020
Commented: Luke Megonigal on 12 Apr 2020
I have three versions of Matlab on PC: R2017a, R2018b, and R2019b. I want to free up my laptop and delete these unused versions. I have a bunch of files that were created with R2017a. When I open these files they will open up R2017a instead of R2019B (even though I have R2019B on my PC). If I delete R2017a and R2018b from my PC, what will happen to these old files which default-open R2017a ? I ask because I still use those old files regularly for my academic research.
Luke Megonigal
Luke Megonigal on 12 Apr 2020
I took a closer look at the documentation and ran the code. It worked wonderfully! Thank you for this code and your help.

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Anurag Agrawal
Anurag Agrawal on 3 Apr 2020
M-files will work in the newer version provided functions are not deprecated in newer version.
As mentioned in the comment, you can test the files by opening the files using the desired version of MATLAB.
In order to use Simulink files, you will need to be mindful of which version you are using. You can always open an older file in a newer release (i.e. R2019b will open a R2017a Simulink model), but not the other way around (i.e. R2019b will not open a R2017a Simulink model). To be backwards compatible, you will need to make sure you "export" any work done in R2019b to R2017a by going to File >> Export As >> Previous Version.
You can also have a look at the answer by Vikaasa Kumar about the codeCompatibilityReport:
Documentation for codeCompatibilityReport:


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