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"If sentence" error

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Emmanuelle el 22 de Oct. de 2012
I have a problem. I want to rename some files and this is my code. The problem is the if sentence doesn't work at all. The result is always 21 and that's not possible. I've tried to change the operand & to && but it doesn't work neither.
myPath = 'C:\EXERCICES\';
a= dir (fullfile(myPath,'*.zip));
fileNames = { };
for k = 1:length(fileNames)
n = num2str(fileNames{k}(4:9));
if n >= 205040 && n < 208041
fileName = 18;
elseif n >= 203031 && n < 205030
fileName = 19;
elseif n >= 199031 && n < 202030
fileName = 20;
else n >= 196033 & n < 198033;
fileName = 21;
xs= num2str(fileName);
newFileName = [fileNames{k}(4:9) '_' fileNames{k}(10:16) xs '_gsd60_std' '.zip];
movefile([myPath fileNames{k}], [myPath newFileName]);
if true
% code
Does somebody know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance and regards,

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Arthur el 22 de Oct. de 2012
In your code, n is a string (you make it a string with num2str). In the if statement, you compare n with a number, so it will always be false... My guess is that you wanted to use str2num or str2double instead ;).
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Emmanuelle el 22 de Oct. de 2012
Editada: Emmanuelle el 22 de Oct. de 2012
Thank you a lot Arthur, now it works with str2num! ;)

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