Export of MATLAB code to java code in Android Studio

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I need to create an android app that enhances images. I know how to create apps for android studio using java on android studio. What I need to know is if there's any way to export matlab code and functionality of functions like wiener filter and other functions that are used for image enhancement into a java function or package or code for android studio?

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Sutanu Maiti
Sutanu Maiti on 22 May 2020
You can acheive this by using Simulink support package for Android Devices.
There is also an example Detect Boundaries of Objects Within Video Using MATLAB Function Block on Android Device that describes how to write matlab code that generates code and deploys on Android device.
Once generated app code is exported to Android Studio, you can modify the Java/xml code (in Android Studio) and run on device (from Android Studio). It will run the Simulink generated Algorithm also under the hood.

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