Matlab support cannot locate the installation in Ubuntu 18.04

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I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 with MATLAB R2020a in trial mode.
I tried to install the matlab support via the command
sudo apt-get install matlab-support
When it asked to insert the executable location I typed
as in that location there's the 'bin/matlab' executable file but I got the error
"No MATLAB installation found
No MATLAB executables were found in the directories you specified.
This package requires at least one local installation of MATLAB."
I tried using
but I keep getting the same error.
Am I doing something wrong ?
sankulp khera
sankulp khera on 16 Aug 2020
I am using ubuntu 16.04 and even i was facing the same problem but eventualy i figured it out.
I just removed the matlab support by using the command : sudo apt-get --purge remove matlab-support
If it's still showing some issues then it means that you've some unfinished downoads, which happened in my case . I executed the commands :
sudo rm /var/cache/debconf/*.dat
sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh -a
and then i executed sudo apt-get --purge remove matlab-support

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Answers (2)

SIDDHARTHA ROY on 31 Jul 2020
I am using Ubuntu 18.04...I also have faced the same problem....
the installation file was found in : "/usr/local/MATLAB/R2018a"

Hualin Ren
Hualin Ren on 21 Feb 2022
Hi I have meet the same condition. I solved by closing the old terminal and opening a new terminal and reenter the commands.
Also you can run $ sudo dpkg --configure -a
and then $ sudo apt-get install matlab-support
The default directory will display automatically. Then press 2 yes and 1 no on gcc page.
Hope this works.




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