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I've been trying to plot the following figure for t, but I keep getting it wrong.

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Writing it in terms of singularity function would be;
y(t) = 2u(t) - u(t-2) + u(t-4) - r(t-6)
function [y1] = y1(t)
y1 = y1 = 2*(t>=0 & t<2)-1*(t>=2 & t<4)+1*(t>=4 & t<6)+ (2)*(-t/3).*(t>=6 & t<8);
t = -10:0.01:10;
Y1 = y1(t);
plot(t,Y1); ylabel('y1(t)')
For some reason the unit step and ramp signals are always referring to the origin. And my ramp signal starts at -4 which I have no idea why.

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Rajani Mishra
Rajani Mishra on 14 Apr 2020
I have modified your code and plotted the result, Please refer below for the code:
function [y1] = y1(t)
y1 = 2*(t>=0) + -1*(t>=2) +1*(t>=4) + (2)*(-t/3).*(t>=6);
Below is the result of the above code :


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