Trying to create polyval but mine only works for a single value of x , how to make it work for an array?

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i am trying to create polyavl but in deed i was only succssufull in creating a function that does polyval work in condition that x is a single value , how can i make my function work wetheir my x is a single value or an array?
my fonction that only works for a single value of x :
function [Y] = polyvalali(A,x)
Y = 0;
value = length(A) - 1;
p = value:-1:0;
for i = 1:value+1
Y = Y + A(i) * x^p(i);

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Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 9 Apr 2020
function Y = polyvalali(A,x)
Y = x(:) .^ (numel(A)-1:-1:0) * A(:);


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