Matlab R2020a installation

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Tao Sun
Tao Sun on 12 Apr 2020
Answered: Anirudh Singh on 17 Apr 2020
I am trying to install MATLAB on my mac. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of trying to install a version of MATLAB with all of the toolboxes and had to pause the download and cancel the install because I was running out of disk space.
Now it appears that the files are still resisiding somewhere on my disk and I would like to remove them so I can have a more conservitave install of MATLAB. Where can I find those temporary downloaded files and remove them? Since I didn't finish the installation. There is no Matlab application under Application folder.

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Anirudh Singh
Anirudh Singh on 17 Apr 2020
To uninstall MATLAB drag the MATLAB icon from your applications folder to the trash and Empty the trash to reclaim the drive space used by MATLAB.
You can follow this link for more information:

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