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Making a GUI for a trivia game

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Hi, I am trying to make a GUI for a trivia game I am designing, but I have no idea where to start. All I need to do is have the GUI run alongside my code, and display the questions and answers. I already have the strings for the questions and answers, just need to have a GUI update with those strings in my matlab file.


Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 14 Apr 2020
Patrick - what will your GUI look like? How will you display the questions and answers? How do you expect the user to interact with the GUI?
Patrick Carroll
Patrick Carroll on 14 Apr 2020
The user won't interact with the GUI. I am controlling the program via an Arduino interface. I have no exact specifications of how it needs to look like. After some more research I did, all I need to figure out is how to immediately update static text.
Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 14 Apr 2020
Are you writing your GUI using GUIDE, App Designer, or programmatically?

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Rajani Mishra
Rajani Mishra on 16 Apr 2020
You can create apps interactively using the App Designer. This provides Design view and Code view for easy development of app. Design view can be used to design the UI componets of the app, you can add Text Area for displaying questions and answers and a Next Button to go to next question. You can have callbacks associated with the next button to call MATLAB code for displaying the next question. Code view helps in managing the code of these callbacks.
Refer to this for learning how to create apps using App Designer:


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