How to use Power Spectral density block in Simulink?

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Hello there,
I would like to plot a PSD of a signal that's generated in Simulink, and for this purpose, I thought of using the "Power Spectral Density " block that's avaible in the "Additional Sinks" of the Simulink Library. But, I am unable to understand the definitions of the block paramters. My Signal has a lenght of 1000001 data points with a time resolution (Δt) of 7.32e-07. So, kindly help me understand what these parameters mean.
Thanks and regards
Vineeth R

Answers (1)

Priyanshu Mishra
Priyanshu Mishra on 28 Apr 2020
Hi Vineeth,
Power Spectral Density block displays the frequency content of the buffer in graph window. The block calculates the power spectral analysis using ffts.
  1. It stores buffer of output and input points then plots the power spectral density.
  2. You may define number of points to be used for calculating fft.
  3. You may define how often you want to plot the fft
  4. Fourth parameter is the sampling time.
A similar question is also asked in the community earlier. You may refer the following link for further explanation.

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