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How to restore tensor after applied the PARAFAC model?

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lehuydip on 23 Apr 2020
Commented: lehuydip on 24 Apr 2020
Hi everyone,
Suppose I have a tensor have the size of (128 x 128 x 3). When I apply the PARAFAC model (to fit one-component) to decomposition tensor. I get many components a1, b1, c1
My question here:
+/ a1 have size of (128 x 1)
+/ b1 have size of (128 x 1)
+/ c1 have size of (3 x 1).
How to get the result of multiplication a1.b1.c1? (restore original tensor?). Because each factor is not the same size?
Thank you for your help.


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Accepted Answer

Christine Tobler
Christine Tobler on 23 Apr 2020
The three component vectors represent the 3 different dimensions here. For the one-component case (all are vectors), you can use
a1 .* (b1.') .* (reshape(c1, 1, 1, []))
which will return an array of size length(a1) x length(b1) x length(c1).

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