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How to access a row elements of a field of a structure

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Mekala balaji
Mekala balaji on 1 May 2020
Answered: per isakson on 1 May 2020
I have a structure A and it has three feils f1,f2,f3. f2 have three rows and 10 columns. I want to access row 2 of columns.
I did like this but it give error.
How to access? kindly help.

Answers (1)

per isakson
per isakson on 1 May 2020
Assumption: "three rows and 10 columns" refers to a 3x10 double matrix
A.f1 = randi( [0,9], 3, 8 ); % sample data
A.f1( 2, : )

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